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Are sweets and ice really bad for my teeth?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Are sweets and ice really bad for my teeth?Maintaining proper dental health calls that you to check what you eat at all times. This is because, whatever we eat passes through the mouth, and will inevitably impact our teeth. When you come to the practice to consult and get a dental checkup our dentist will advise on the foods to avoid or take in limited amounts. Sweets and ice can be fun when eating but they will compromise your oral wellness. There are many reasons why dentists advocate against eating too many sweets and chewing on ice, due to the adverse impacts that they can bring.

Sweets and Ice can lead to dental cavities

Your enamel is hard and protective for the inner layers of your teeth. However, the enamel becomes weak due to the heavy intake of sweets and eating ice. For instance, when the sugar from sweets is broken down by bacteria, the by-product of this process is acids. With time, this acid will corrode the tooth enamel exposing the sensitive inner layers of your tooth. This is usually the start of tooth decay and cavities. If left unchecked, you might end up losing your tooth or teeth.

Chewing on ice also weakens the enamel as it can lead to cracks developing. When the enamel gets damaged, your teeth will be exposed and vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

Get regular dental checkups

Visit our offices if you feel that your enamel is weak due to much intake of sweets and ice. Our dentists will start preventive and corrective treatment to ensure that you do not lose your tooth in the long term. Call us to schedule a consultation and get an examination from qualified and trusted professionals.
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